Tuesday, June 15, 2010

eMail From Ester About US


Thank you very much for your timely and useful advice. I just cancelled our contract with a debt settlement company. In trying to find a solution to help us settle our business credit card debts, I almost got us deeper in debt if I went ahead and use a debt settlement company. This company would have charged us a 15% fee on total debt for using software meant for consumers with personal unsecured debts. That is $150.00 for every $1,000 amount due that would have been wasted and given us more future problems. If I were settling personal, unsecured debts, I would definitely use your software.

Indeed, it would give us more assurance to deal with a local attorney who would negotiate with the banks for us or even file a Chapter 11 for small business bankruptcy, than deal with debt settlement companies. The debt settlement fees asked could have paid for one or two of the credit cards.

We need more people like you who are finding solutions and helping financially distressed, hardworking Americans during our present economic downturns.

All the best,

Esther - Idaho


You may use my email message as reference. Again, thanks.

Thanks Ester,

I'm sorry I could not provide specific advice to help you in your current situation. As I advised you we are not a debt settlement company but a Self Help debt settlement website. We provide our customers the method and tools they need to negotiate directly with their creditors.

Ian Stanton
Director of Marketing
B-EZ Enterprises
(480) 278-3717


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