Sunday, August 23, 2009

Debt Settlement Companies Using Deceptive Tactics to Entice Consumers?

Do Debt Settlement Companies use deceptive tactics to entice you into signing up for their services? We don’t know if they do or not, you can be the judge as to the legitimacy of this blog post! The following post was made on our blog today:

Jennifer said...

Hi,I used ”Credit Solution” to settle my debt and avoid bankruptcy. They managed to reduce my debt up to 58% and improve my credit score. It's legitimate . I came across this company on NBC News Special Edition. Check it out here:

So to find out if Jennifer’s claims are true, we have drafted an open letter to Jennifer on our Blog to find out more. Our open letter to Jennifer is below:

Dear Jennifer,

This was a very informative post on our blog, today. I was wondering if you could elaborate more for the readers of this blog how the company Credit Solution helped you. Could you also provide copies of settlement letters you received from your creditors? I am sure the people who read this blog would love to have some proof of how much money you saved. If you could provide proof of your claims, I am positive you would also be happy to sign a release under privacy laws to verify your claims with your creditors.

If you do provide verified proof via email, or a hyperlink on the internet, we will be happy to verify these claims with your creditors and bolster your contentions on the following webpage

Visit our website for more information about our services!

Thank you in advance

Ian Stanton
Director of Marketing

Monday, August 3, 2009

Self Help Debt Settlement – Creditors No Longer Working With Debt Settlement Companies?

Several major creditors have implemented programs aimed at debt settlement companies in an attempt to reduce losses. The current trend is expected to grow over the next several months as creditors stop negotiating with debt settlement companies.

Over the last year, debt settlement companies have increased their aggressive marketing of consumers to enroll for their services. Their marketing tactics seem to prey on the fears of consumers, or make misleading statements to entice consumers to enroll for their services. This is a trend that several State Attorney Generals have not been able to ignore, to the dismay of the entire debt settlement industry.

If you are a consumer who is experiencing financial hardship and have heard the advertisements that make claims like:

“We use insider secrets your creditors don’t want you to know about!”

“Banks have already received their bailouts, now it’s your turn”

These and other like minded statements used in debt settlement companies’ advertisements are at best to be regarded with a high level of suspicion.

Consumers who have already hired a debt settlement company could be causing themselves additional expenses due to this trend. Since January 2009, two (2) of the top five (5) credit card issuers (Chase, Bank of America, Citi Bank, American Express and Capitol One) have already stopped dealing with debt settlement companies in general. Our sources indicate this trend does not mean that creditors are not willing to negotiate with consumers directly. The trend seems targeted specifically at debt settlement companies, due to that methods and tactics they utilize. believes this is good news for consumers who are savvy in basic negotiation strategy. By negotiating directly with creditors you will save money if you understand how the debt negotiation process works. Utilizing a “Work with you creditors approach”, self help debt settlement is not a difficult process. provides their users with secure internet access to “user specific databases” and preformatted letters that assist individuals in negotiating directly with their creditors. The website also provides the users to choose either debt reduction or debt settlement programs. Both programs are fully explained and facilitated by their Patent Pending method of debt negotiation.

Once a consumer signs up for their self help debt negotiation web based program they have secure individual access to the databases, video tutorials, explanations of both the debt settlement and debt reduction methods. We also provide the users a complimentary copy of a Do It Yourself Debt Settlement eBook written by Madeline Lee. This eBook was written by a woman who researched the internet then settled her debts without the use a debt settlement company. This saved her thousands of dollars because she was able to control the negotiations with her creditors.

Madeline Lees website states: “This is an ingenious new completely out of the box method of stepping you through the actual process. This method will help you through the confusion of which letter to send and when, Starting with the initial hardship letters and then provide an ongoing space for you to enter all your creditors information for each outstanding debt, and then be able to monitor them. By going through this secure confidential process, you have a direct communication path open to the creditors/collectors, thereby eliminating the anger and frustrations both parties go through. It truly is ingenious and along with my book, and utilizing you have everything you need to tackle your unsecured debt head on”.

DIY Debt settlement is not that difficult if you have the knowledge and the tools you need. We provide our subscribers with both the knowledge and tools to successfully negotiate directly with their creditors. To see a video demonstration of the process utilized visit for more information on our Patent Pending Method of debt reduction visit our website.

Ian Stanton
Director of Marketing B-EZ Enterprises
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